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Oughterard - 7/13/06

The drive to Oughterard was gorgeous, as usual.

The drive there.

The River that runs through town.

 The town was very pleasant and I stayed in a very nice little B&B. I went out to eat and then went a saw a French choir in the local cathedral, it was incredible. After that I took a long walk out to the nearby lake to watch the sunset.

Fantastic night, although I did get a little lost on my way back to town.. Ask me about it some time, hah. Went to a pub that night for some more "traditional Irish music" and met a group of French people who were camping on the shore of the lake, we were talking till after the pub was closed (They were playing French rock songs on a guitar as well, hah). Tomorrow I'm off to Moycullen.

(See "18. Moycullen")

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