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Dingle - 7/17/06

The bus dropped us off at the hostel, which was about 25 minutes (walking) from town. The hostel was in an old mansion, and had a campground right next to it. Me and Daniel went into town to get something to eat, It was very hot. We ate at a little upstairs cafe and then headed back to the hostel. The staff was going to the beach and invited me and Daniel, so we all went to the beach and went swimming in the freezing cold water, but it felt great considering we had been hot all day, once the tide was too high we went fishing off of a really awesome cliff thingy. We didn't catch anything, but I did snag on a lobster cage and we spent a good 45 minutes trying to pull the lobster cage in (Figuring we could have lobster for dinner since we couldn't catch any fish). We never got the cage, even after one of the girls jumped in to get it, hehe.

Views from our fishing spot.

The sunset that night.

Me and Daniel went back to the hostel to wash up and then went into town and got some dinner. The town was really dead that night, so we went back to the hostel.


Woke up, got packed. Me and Webber decided to split up because we both have different things we want to do. He is going far up north again, while I really want to see Kerry. We decided on a place to meet in Dublin on the 29th. I went into town and checked out an aquarium they had there, after that I got on a bus to Killarney, the biggest town in Kerry.

(See "21. Killarney")
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