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Tuosist - 7/22/06

The walk to Tuosist was pretty, but long. We took a break at a lake that was about 3 miles from the town.

The lake.

We finally arrived in Tuosist and were shocked. The town seemed to consist of two buildings, A Post Office (it was also a mini Grocery store), a house, and a phone booth. We came to the conclusion that the woman working at the post office lived in the house and used the phone to contact her family. I couldn't understand why it was even on the map... With no where to sleep and no bus station within 25 miles (Except for Kenmare which was around 12 miles away) we had no choice but to start walking to the next town, 7 miles away.

The town of Tuosist, all of it. I even bought a postcard and it looks just like this.

Beginning our walk to the closest town.

(See "27. Kilmakilloge Harbour")

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