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Kilmakilloge Harbour - 7/22/06

The walk to the harbor was gorgeous, as usual. We walked through a forest, and then hit the coast.

Forestry :)

A waterfall!

A place on the coast where we stopped for a while.

We arrived at Kilmakilloge Harbour where there was a Pub/Restaurant/B&B and got some rooms there for 30 each. They were nice rooms, I shared with Fabian, Benni shared with Torbin and Eugen had his own room because it was his Birthday. After we got settled and showered we ate dinner and sat outside for a while.

Me, Benni and Torbin

The harbor that evening.


We woke up, got packed and started our very long trek to the nearest bus stop in a town called
Ardrigole about 13 miles away, over the mountains on a road called Healy Pass.

Leaving the B&B.

A river on the way out of town.

(See "28. Healy Pass")

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