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Ennis - 6/29/06

A small town just a little north of Limerick, It was the farthest place away from Limerick the tour guide would let me get off. I wandered around aimlessly till I found a cheap place to stay, The Queens Hotel, 45 for a room. I picked up a slight wireless internet signal but it wasn't enough to get online, I'll try and find a closer spot to it tonight.

My Room, :( no wireless internet.

View from my window.

I went looking for the wireless signal I picked u from my hotel room, I found a strong signal, but something was wrong with it and I couldn't connect. I went around asking about an internet connection and found out there was an internet cafe in town, but I couldn't find it, and three different people gave me entirely different directions, is it me or are the Irish just really bad at giving direction?. Maybe the cities are just laid out weird.. I don't know, I'm sure it closed well before I got here anyway, Ill try again tomorrow.

I went ahead and ate at a fast-food restaurant called Supermacs (kinda a rip off of an American burger joint) I got a bacon burger (no tomato of course), fries and a Coke.

After that I decided that I would go try and meet some people in a pub and get some conversation going. I found one that had a live band, they were all 'older' guys in their 30s or so, playing Clearance Clearwater Revival and such. By the way, they don't play Irish music in pubs they play American music I've even heard some of my favorite songs played on their stations that we don't play here (Train - Whipping Boy, And lots of Dave Matthews believe it or not). The crazier places play stuff like Shakira, Kelly Clarkson and Franz Ferdinand. Anyway, I decided to squeeze myself into the bar and get some conversation going. There was two younger guys there (in their early twenties), so once I heard a break in their conversation, I introduced myself. They instantly treated me like a friend and offered to take me out on the town. We had a blast jumping from pub to pub telling stories, Oh and don't worry I only had two pints, both of Bulmers. We were out past 12am and by the end of the night it was like we were all really good friends. Great, great time. Very refreshing.

Anthony on the left, me in the middle, Mark Daily on the right,
And don't worry, I'm not drunk, just having a awesome time!
Anthony lays bricks, Marks a carpenter.. and I do Data Entry, haha.


Even though I was up late, I could hardly sleep. There is a nightclub right under my hotel room and it was loud , I asked for a wake up call at 8:30am but woke up at 6:30am, wide awake, feeling great, so I packed my stuff and went out for a walk. Nothing was open, no one was awake except for the garbage crew, And nothing was scheduled to open till 8:00-9:30. Not even the coffee shops were open! So I spent much of my morning sitting on a bench by the Fergus River. The visitors center opened at 9:30am so I went in to find information on the bus schedules. They told me the bus station was clear across the city and told me how to get there. I had to wait a while for the bus, which came around 11:00am. Off to Galway... I felt like I was leaving home again. 

(See "9. Galway")


Took a taxi from Ballyvaghen to Ennis for 40, which is a whole lot of money.. but the Buses don't run through Ballyvaughen on Sundays. Got into Ennis and got a room for two days in the Queens hotel. I explored the town a bit more for most of the day, found a Wireless internet connection next to a hotel, and then met up with Anthony and Mark for most of the night. Went to bed at around 11:30pm.


Had a wake up call for 7:30am, Daniels plane was supposed to come in around 6:30am. I Had breakfast and then waited in the hotel Lobby from about 8:30-9:30am, Daniel never showed up, but I didn't really expect him to that early. went out on the town and looked in a couple stores. Met up with Daniel around 4:30pm due to his flight being severely delayed. We talked for a while, figured out what we would be doing tomorrow and then we went out for the night to listen to some live music. A guy was playing in a Pub called "Bar 26" but he wasn't all that good, so we headed over to "Cruises Pub" where there was an Irish group playing. There we met a guy from Boston who bought us a drink and made some suggestions on where we ought to go, One of them being Achill Head on Achill Island (which is where we decided to go today). Was a great night.


Wake up call was at 8:30am. We got packed then ate breakfast. Took a bus to Shannon Airport where Daniel's luggage was waiting for him. From Shannon we started our long string to bus trips up into the north west toward Achill Island. (We stayed in Westport that night.)

(See "11. Westport")

My Birthday!!

On the way to Ennis I had some dead time in Galway, So I went and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean 2", it was great, and the Irish commercials before it were hilariously odd.

Walked around Ennis looking for a place to stay. The Hostel was full, as well as every hotel in town. I walked around looking for a B&B in the hot sun with all my stuff, the 6th one I asked referred me to a lady who owned a B&B. She came and picked me up but it was 2 miles from town and was 50, I didn't have much of a choice so I took it. (It came with two screaming babies as well). I showered then walked into town and met up with Daniel at 8pm just as we had planned. We went out on the town that night and met all sorts of people, Great Birthday.


Woke up, got packed. Met up with Daniel and went and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" again, this time in Ennis :)

After the movie we started a long bus trip to Tralee. 

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